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Ceramic Pictures and Headstone Photos

One look at a memorial photo can bring back a lifetime of thoughts and memories. Ceramic photos for headstones can offer a lasting memory of a loved one and a place of reflection for friends and relatives. Keeping alive the memory of a loved one through images and pictures is a customer that has continued throughout the ages and is as much alive today as it was many centuries ago.

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Add a ceramic memorial photo plaque to personalise your loved one's headstone

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At MMS Memorials we use world standard and advanced manufacturing techniques in the production of our ceramic photos to ensure a high-quality memorial photo that can withstand the harsh Queensland climate without fading or cracking. Our ceramic photos have a life expectancy of approximately 100 years.

Your image is transferred via a computer onto the selected ceramic base. During the manufacturing process, a glaze is applied to the surface and the graphic ceramic photo is then fired in a kiln.

Full range of ceramic photo bases and embellishments

Our selection of oval, square or rectangular shaped memorial photos offers a perfect complement to your loved one's headstone or memorial. All sizes of our headstone photos are available in black and white or colour. The sizes of the ceramic photo bases are limited, but generally, a 4x6 inch photo is preferred.

We have a full range of ceramic photo bases and embellishments (frames) to select from. Please visit our showroom or contact our experienced staff to discuss your style, colour, and size preferences for your loved one's ceramic headstone photo.

Memorial Photo

Preparing your ceramic picture

We can use an image in either a jpeg. electronic copy or hard copy formats. We ask our clients to provide clear instructions on how they would like the image presented (eg. remove the background, fading, etc). You can have a ceramic photo of a person, logo or any symbol you prefer.

Please ensure that you are happy with the quality of the image supplied. If you require any image repairs, corrections or enhancements we recommend you have these completed by a photographer prior to submission. We prefer to have quality photo images so we can produce the highest quality ceramic photos. Please feel free to discuss the image quality with our experienced staff if you are not sure.

Please note - Photos of copyright or trademark images will require permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark.

Text additions to ceramic memorial photo plaques

If you would like to add some text to the ceramic photo overlay, please contact our experienced staff to discuss requirements. This may incur additional graphic design charges which will depend on the complexity and time required to complete the design.

The symbolic importance of memorial photos grows as birthdays and anniversaries pass. A memorial photo is a great way to commemorate a life and offer a place for reflection. Our team of stonemasons in Brisbane produce only the highest quality of work.

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