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What is rust

Rust is an iron oxide normally redish in appearance. It is formed by a reaction between iron and oxygen with the presence of water or moisture in the air. MMS sandblasting can remove almost all kinds of rust from various different metal surfaces.

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Where does rust come from

Rust is generally caused by one of 3 factors

  • Manufacturing - A lot of corrosion problems actually happen within the manufacturing plant prior to the product even being packaged. Due to having hot and cold temperatures in order to work with the metal.
  • Packaging - This is based on the type of packaging the product comes in. Improper packaging can cause corrosion as well. This is due to the metal either sweating in the packaging or moisture being caught inside the packaging.
  • Environmental - Weather is a killer for metals. Other things such as contaminants in the air are also a concern. If you leave metals outside you will find they rust faster than if they were kept inside.

Sandblasting rust

Removing rust with sandblasting is one of the single most effective ways to remove rust. The abrasive sand scratches away at the corroded metal and causes it to flake off. The sand from the sandblaster then polishes up the original metal underneath where the rust, making the piece look as good as new.

Things to consider: the dust that is cause from sandblasting rust off of metal surfaces is not only messy it can also have deadly effects on the human body if inhaled. This is why it is best to leave it to professionals like MMS to ensure a perfect finish.

MMS Sandblasting

Our reputation for quality and excellence in service is backed by expert industry knowledge that we have acquired over the 30 years we have been doing sandblasting. When you are dealing with Jones and Travers you are dealing with industry experts that know the ins and outs of sandblasting.

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