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Preparing Surfaces For Restoration

If you have ever had to prepare a surface for paint, dipping or electroplating then you know this is a very arduous task. It is easy to end up with pitting as an end result to all of your hard work due to fatigue during the preparation. Traditional methods of surface preparation include various types of sand paper and blocks, wire brushes and cloths. This method requires a high level of attention to detail to achieve a superior end result. Inferior finished products are the direct result of poor preparation.

MMS for all your abrasive blasting needs.

Car Restoration

One of the biggest parts in car restoration is to prepare the car's shell for its new paint job. Whether you have an old car that you are restoring to its former glory or a newer car that has been involved in an accident and now needs some TLC. The easiest way to get a uniformed finish is by sandblasting.

Car Restoration Brisbane
Car Part Restoration

You can also have sandblasting done to remove the existing paint work and prepare the surface ready for the new spash of color. Don't let your old car project sit in the garage untouched due to not having the time to prepare it yourself. Our sandblasting cabinet is 3200 in lenth by 1650 in width and 2050 in height so we are able to fit all of your panels in without worry.

Remove Rust From Car
Removing Paint From Wheels

It isn't just paint that you can have sandblasted you can also use remove rust from car parts as well as the shell to return them to their former glory. Brake calipers are a rust attractor due to being in close proximity to the road and getting exposed to the elements these important parts tend to get neglected quite often and can result in poor performance in braking. Taking the time to have them professionally sandblasted is not only going to make them look better again it will also increase braking performance.

Tool Restoration

Some tools you just can't replace, whether it be that you are a collector or have just become attached to the way that your tool feels. Tools can end up having sentimental value and as a result will get shelved once they have become rusted.

Cleaning Rusty Tools
Clean Rusty Tools

It is possible through sandblasting to give your tools a new life again. To make them look like they once did and still handle like they should after years of use. A trademan is only as good as his tools, if an old faithful becomes rusty it doens't mean that it needs to be decommissioned.

Before and After Cupboard Sandblasting
Before and After Sandblasting

At MMS we understand that restoration is very personal. We ensure to take every measure of care in our restoration work. With over 30 years experience in sandblasting we have gained a reputation for excellence in service and strong industry knowledge.

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