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Is it really that important?

Did you know that people, in general, will judge your business by what they can see prior to even entering? Have you thought about how your business looks from the eyes of your customers? If you answered no to either of these then this information is for you.

It is crucial that your shop signage draws potential customers in and does not blend in with the rest. In an ever changing world, we all see businesses come and go. Don't allow your business to be one of those, separate yourself from the crowd. Don't conform to what is classified as the industry standard, step outside the box, open your imagination, and make your business known.

Yes, this is all done with your shop signage.

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How can MMS help me?

Have you heard of etching? Most people seem to think that etching is only those little 'Happy 21st' cups that you get done at key makers stalls in the middle of your local shopping centre. Etching is so much more than that. Etching is how you get an entire image carved onto many different surfaces with the most common being metal, glass, and mirrors. We can etch anything from logos to brand names, we are only limited by your imagination. If you are still scratching your brain as to how etching could work with your shop signage here is a few examples:

  • Custom engraved glass coaster with your logo or a list of your house wines and beers
  • A food or drink menu either mounted behind the bar or onto the dining tables
  • A custom metal plaque attached to your host stand with a big "welcome" or "please wait to be seated" etched into it.
  • Etched mirrors on doors indicating the male and female restrooms
  • Etched mirror borders in the restrooms
  • Window etching of your logo or name on the front door or surrounding windows
  • Engraved glasses with your business logo or name
  • Etched cutlery with your business name along the handle
Examples of Retail Signage
Examples of Shop and Retail Signage

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Our professionals at MMS can make anything you can think up, an etched reality. If you think you are ready to etch up your shop signage then contact our team today. We would love to hear from you and look forward to working with you to take your retail signage outside the box and to the next level.