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MMS employs master craftsman stonemasons with years of training who are highly skilled artisans and builders. For you, this means you can utilise their stonemasonry skills for a huge range of projects including functional structures for construction, to artistic embellishments, carved stone statues, and memorials.

Our monumental masons are also skilled in gilding and lead inlay inscriptions and other more contemporary inscription techniques.

Our stonemasons are highly skilled offering premium handcrafted stone products.

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Our stone masons work with a diverse range of natural stone including granite, marble, sandstone, and bluestone from both Australian and international quarries.

Master craftsmen

MMS Memorials is a stonemasonry company specialising in the manufacture of stone products. We are proud of the experience and knowledge that our team has brought to the industry since inception in 1976. Our team of highly skilled stone masons recognises the need in Brisbane for superior quality stone surfaces in both domestic and commercial applications for both internal and external projects.

Restorations and maintenance

MMS Memorials complete full repairs and maintenance on existing stone structures and memorials damaged by weather, vandalism or neglect. In additional, our services include cleaning and polishing of stone, re-filling, re-painting, and re-gilding of lettering and imagery. We specialise in the repair and maintenance of natural stone products. All stone restoration and maintenance are available either on-site or in our factory.

Every restoration project is treated with the same professionalism and skill gained from centuries of stonemason work. We use authentic products and quality Australian or imported stone as required for the specific project, from small modest memorials, family homes through to heritage listed renovations. We take pride in our attention to detail, quality workmanship and being a reliable team.

Our team of Brisbane stonemasons

We recognise the need to offer high-quality stonemasonry services to our customers throughout Brisbane. Our team have built a reputation for excellence, great customer service, and expert industry knowledge.

If you would like to find out what is possible for your stone project, either personal or commercial give our team a call on 07 3265 5433 or complete our quote request today.