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  • What are the different types of stonemason?

    The term ‘stonemason’ has been around for centuries and centuries, with the craft of stonemasonry being something that has a special yet distinctive ...

  • What is a Stonemason?

    When you hear the term 'stonemason', you probably think of a person from hundreds of years ...

  • Is stone masonry a qualified trade?

    The art of stone masonry is many hundreds of years old, with many wonderful pieces being made by skilled stone masons from many different eras.

  • Marble vs Granite Headstone - Which is Better

    Headstones are a tribute to our loved ones who left us too soon. When it comes to choosing the right stone, there are various options available in the mar...

  • Can headstones be resurfaced?

    Headstones can get damaged over time - the lettering might fade or the stone may tilt due to soil movement. Whether the inscription has faded or the ston...