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Can headstones be resurfaced?

Headstones can get damaged over time - the lettering might fade or the stone may tilt due to soil movement. Whether the inscription has faded or the stone has cracks or chips, it can be repaired. Even a large amount of damage in the headstone can be repaired and restored so it looks beautiful for years to come. Some headstones can also be reused, i.e. additional inscriptions can be added on the existing gravestones. The inscription can also be duplicated for a family estate or spose so the new monument matches the technique and lettering of the original memorial and inscription.

Stone Resurfacing

Resurfacing stone headstones is the easiest way to restore it to its original glory. Although stone headstones can withstand extreme weather conditions, the finishing and coating may fade away over time. Stone resurfacing can give a new life to the headstone.

Our expert stonemasons can analyse the headstone and recommend the best way to resurface the monument. Give us a call and we can help you with your stone restoration needs in Brisbane.

Damaged Headstone

Repairs and restoration for damaged headstones

Most memorials withstand the harsh weather conditions. However, over time the colour of the stone can change and the patterns may become more prominent. Weathering can have a disadvantageous effect on the memorial look and finish.

Other issues that can affect stone memorials include the foundation shifting due to the soil movement leading to cracks or causing the stone to break from the inside. Our expert stonemasons can repair even the most damaged memorials, often restoring them to their original condition.

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Stonemasons typically use the following techniques to restore a memorial.

  • Resetting - this technique is used to restore a stone which has shifted from its base. The base is stabilised and the stone is fixed to the base using lime and mortar. The headstone is re-levelled with a new foundation to prevent further disturbance
  • Epoxy fillings - in this technique the damaged stone is replaced with a similar piece. If breaks or cracks appear in the headstone, they can be repaired with epoxy fillings.

The inscription on the headstone can be restored using re-gilding or re-cutting.

Restored Headstone

Is it possible to change a headstone?

There are many reasons for getting a headstone changed or replaced. It could be due to a faded inscription or mistakes in the engravings.

Usually a shared burial plot headstone has ample space for additional names to be added in the future but family members might change their burial plans or you might decide to change the design of the headstone.

Whatever your reason may be, it is a simple process to change the headstone. If you want to reuse a family headstone and add additional names to the existing headstone inscriptions, our skilled stonemasons can take care of this process and change the headstone as per your requirements.

Headstone restoration services across Brisbane

If you are in the South East Queensland area and need headstone restorations services, contact our memorial masonry team on 07 3265 5433 or complete our quote request form for more information.


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