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Memorial services for Upper Coomera Cemetery

Upper Coomera Cemetery is set on 4.5 hectares of lush, tree-lined land with a mountain backdrop, and is located in the City of Gold Coast. The land was surveyed for cemetery use in 1871 and is controlled and operated by the City of Gold Coast as trustee, with the earliest recorded burial in the cemetery dated back to 1885.

The peaceful cemetery offers services every day, with special arrangements for weekends.

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Upper Coomera Cemetery offers:

Monumental Sites - General and Asian

Standard headstones and grave surrounds can be placed in the monumental section. Headstones or monuments in monumental sites may be installed by private arrangements through a monumental mason. Prior to any work commencing on-site, you will be required to submit a Monument Permit application to the Regional Council for approval. A Monument Permit can provide the assurance that your site or structure is protected and will be maintained as intended.


Ashes memorial garden offers single and double sites, subject to availability. Ashes are interred in the chosen site and a memorial plaque is placed over the site.

Council sign for Upper Coomera Cemetery
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Monumental Services we offer in Upper Coomera Cemetery

We understand how difficult it is at a time like this and are here to assist every step of the way with all your memorial needs including:

  • Custom Headstones and Gravestones
  • Bronze Plaques
  • Ceramic Photos
  • Cremation Urnes
  • Stone Memorial and Headstone Restorations
  • Moving stone for grave inspection
  • Headstone Inscription Services

Our experienced team of stonemasons at MMS Memorials is dedicated to providing exemplary service at every step of the way, offering compassionate advice and support. Call 07 3265 5433 to speak to one of our team or complete our quick online memorial quote request form for all your memorial needs.

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Upper Coomera Cemetery Contact details

Opening hours are 6.30 am-6.30 pm each day.

Address - 165 Saville Road Upper Coomera 4209 Queensland

Cemeteries Administration Phone - 07 5581 6640 or email- cemeteries@goldcoast.qld.gov.au