Cremation Urn Accessories

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Inscriptions, plaques, photos and more

This is a guide for the costing of cremation urn accessories such as plaques, photo frames and ceramic photos. For a specific comprehensive quote on your cremation urn please speak to our memorial team on 3265 5433 or complete our quote request form.

Cremation Urn

Inscriptions (cost per letter)

Natural: $3.30
Painted: $3.98
Gold Leaf: $6.32


Other Accessories

*Supply and attachment to urn  
Stainless Steel Plaque (150 x 100mm): $180.00
Stainless Steel Frame (various sizes): $95.00
Bronze Plaque (150 x 100mm): $231.00
Clock: $120.00
Ceramic Photo (40 x 60mm): $205.00
Ceramic Photo (60 x 80mm): $215.00

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Teardrop cremation urn with plaque

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