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Memorials & Monumental Masons FAQ

Frequently asked questions about memorials

The team at MMS Memorials are happy to assist in any way they can for all of your monumental masonry. If you any further questions please contact our friendly team on 07 3265 5433, complete our quote request form today.

Are memorials and monuments erected to a standard?

Yes, all memorials are required to be of the highest standard and well built to ensure they do not collapse or fail.

MMS Memorials employ skilled, experienced tradespeople and stonemasons to ensure that your memorial, headstone or gravestone will stand the test of time. Our team have been providing memorials and monuments to many cemeteries and gardens in the greater Brisbane area since 1980.

Need help with a stone memorial? Our friendly team are here to help
Can I have my inscriptions done in another language for a headstone?

Yes, MMS Memorials can cater for inscriptions and inscription repairs in many languages.

With state-of-the-art computer systems and the finest quality hand etching all carried out at our Brisbane factory your memorials, headstones, gravestones can be drafted in just about any language.

Inscriptions and lettering just the way you want it. Let our team take care of it.
Can my headstone and gravestone be different colours?

Generally, there is no restriction on what colour stone is used for a headstone or gravestone.

MMS Memorials stock a wide range of natural stone products so the choice is up to you. We recommend you check with the cemetery for any specific design guidelines.

One of Brisbane's largest suppliers of granite, we're sure to have just what you're looking for. Request a quote today.
Can we have pictures on our headstone or memorial plaque?

Yes, we offer a wide range of images including flowers, angels, portraits and more. All of the etching is done by hand at our Brisbane workshop to ensure a high level of quality.

Find out more about our memorials.

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Can you design pet memorials?

Yes, we offer a range of pet memorials to ensure a lasting memory of your faithful friend. Our custom pet memorials can include features such as the animal outline or paw prints etched into the design.

We have a number of lettering options, stone products and designs available for your pet memorial.

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Do I need to get cemetery approval before I place my memorial there?

Yes, all memorials, headstones, gravestones and tombstones need to have an application made to the managing authority of the cemetery or gardens.

MMS Memorials can assist with this to ensure that your design is compliant with the cemetery guidelines.

MMS Memorials can assist with all your memorial paperwork. Request a quote today
Do MMS Memorials supply direct to the public?

Yes, we do. We offer a wide range of memorials, headstones, and monuments which we supply in and around Brisbane; we are open to the general public to work directly with you in the design and installation of your stone products.

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Do you design Jewish memorials?

Yes, MMS Memorials can craft a range of Jewish memorials designed to suit the customs and traditions of the person. MMS Memorials have been supplying the Brisbane community with Jewish memorials since 1980 and our stonemasons can be relied upon to produce a quality lasting memorial for your loved one.

For all your Jewish memorial requirements speak to the team at MMS Memorials. Find out more.
How can I get my mother/father added to an existing headstone or memorial?

Yes, Jones and Travers and MMS are able to make additions to or duplicate existing headstones to carefully match the stone, technique and lettering of the original stone memorial and inscription. We complete restorations and maintenance either on-site or in our Brisbane stone workshop.

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How do I clean a headstone?

MMS Memorials can advise on the best cleaning method for a headstone, depending on the type of stone that is used. As a general rule avoid harsh cleaning products, scourers or brushes. We recommend using a soft cloth and clean water.

Want to know more? Take a look at our blog post on How to clean headstones
How do I organise a Jewish Funeral?

Jones and Travers are able to help you with all your Jewish burial requirements.

Jones and Travers have been supplying the Brisbane Jewish community with Jewish memorials and monuments since 1980. We understand the Jewish burial ritual and ensure monuments are erected in line with Chevra Kadisha requirements.

The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha has the responsibility of all Jewish burial grounds in Queensland, other than those of the Gold and Sunshine Coast’s Chevras and non-orthodox congregations. If you contact your Rabbi or local synagogues they will put you in touch with the respective Chevra Kadisha for your area.

Custom Jewish grave markers crafted by our skilled master stonemasons and made in accordance with Chevra Kadisha requirements. Monumental Masons Brisbane
How much time do I need to give MMS Memorials to order a memorial?

As much time as possible. Our production times vary dependent on our current orders. Speak to our friendly staff to discuss your project timelines on 3265 5433.

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I cannot find the stone material that I am looking for on your website?

No problems, we source our stone from many suppliers across Australia and around the world. If you have a specific product or colour in mind please let us know and we'll do our best to find the perfect stone for your design requirements.

Due to variations in colours and availability, we have decided to list just a few examples of the huge range of natural stone on our website. We endeavour to stay up to date with our engineered stone suppliers design and colour ranges here but if you can't see the product you are looking for we are sure to be able to source if for you.

Take a look at some of our range:

We can find the perfect stone for your project. Request a quote today.
Is it forbidden to have a picture on a Jewish headstone?

Carving or engraving the form of a human being on the tombstone and mounting any pictures is forbidden in the Jewish law. This is said to stem from the Code of Jewish Law concerned with placing a human image in a place of worship and that family will often pray at the grave of a loved one. The concern is appearing to idolise the human form which is forbidden under Jewish Law. Certain symbols are allowed and some common symbols on Jewish tombstones are are the Menorah and the Star of David.

Jones and Travers are able to help you with Jewish memorial requirements.

Jones and Travers have been supplying the Brisbane Jewish community with Jewish memorials and monuments since 1980. We understand the burial ritual and ensure monuments are erected in line with Chevra Kadisha requirements.

The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha can help you with all your enquiries regarding Jewish funerals in Queensland, except for those of the Gold and Sunshine Coast’s Chevras and non-orthodox Congregations. If you contact your/the local Rabbi or synagogues they will put you in touch with the respective Chevra Kadisha for your area.

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What are the lettering options for headstones and memorials plaques?

Jones and Travers offer a range of lettering options including V-cut, gilded, embossed and raised lettering. Jones and Travers can work with your design to get the best inscription lettering style for your headstone or memorial plaque to ensure it will remain clearly readable for the cemetery conditions.

Not sure where to start with a memorial or headstone. Speak to our understanding team on 3265 5433 or request a quote today.

What is a memorial or monument?

A memorial or monument is a tribute to a dearly departed family member or friend. A memorial is designed to be a reflection of the loved one’s personality and life achievements.

Create a beautiful memorial for your loved one. Monumental Masons
What materials are used to make a memorial or monument?

MMS Memorials use a range of natural stone products including granite, marble or sandstone when creating a memorial or monument. We have one of the largest ranges of stone in Brisbane which means that you have a huge selection of materials for your memorial or monument.

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What type of monument or memorial should I get?

Jones and Travers have a full range of monuments to choose from including single headstones, double headstones, family estate headstones with matching footstones for individuals, civil memorials and Jewish grave markers. The style may dependent on the customs and style of the family and loved one being buried. Each cemetery has different requirements and restrictions as to the style of memorial allowed.

Jones and Travers team of caring professionals can help you with your choice of inscriptions and stone colours and finishes. Our team are familiar with the local cemetery guidelines to ensure your memorial is within the restrictions.

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When it comes to designing my memorial can we have input?

Of course. You are invited to work with our stonemasons to create the perfect memorial for your loved one. Share your ideas and thoughts on the look and feel of the memorial to ensure you get a product truly reflective of the person’s life and spirit.

MMS Memorials have a range of monuments, memorial plaques, memorial headstones and pet memorials that can be customised to suit your requirements.

We offer a range of stone options for your special memorial. Request a quote
When should I order a monument for a Jewish memorial?

Jewish memorials may be erected the day after Shiva (which is eight days from burial). Some prefer to wait until the Shloshim (thirty days), and others wait twelve months after the burial, although the consecration may occur as early as 3 months after the burial. It is best to follow the custom of your/the local Jewish community or the loved one being buried.

It is important to commission the monument as soon as possible to ensure it is ready in time, before scheduling a date with your/the Rabbi. Contact Jones and Travers for help with all your monument or memorial design and any installation questions.

The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha will be able to assist with arrangements for Jewish burials in Queensland, except for the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Chevras and non-orthodox Congregations.

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Why use a stonemason?

Stonemasons are qualified to design, cut and carve, polish and shape a range of natural stone materials.

By working with a qualified stonemason you can be sure that you have enlisted the services of an expert tradesman that has the experience to work with a range of stone materials. They also have knowledge of the different compositions of the stone and are often accredited with different manufacturers.

A stonemason will have the necessary equipment to ensure a quality, long-lasting finish.

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