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Inscription Services Brisbane

Custom designed by Master Stonemasons

Jones and Travers use age-old, creative, and innovative inscription techniques to provide a traditional or contemporary finish for memorials, stonework, corporate logos, signage and many more stone inscription requirements. We can provide a full selection of memorial inscriptions ranging from leaded, gilded, and painted inscriptions.

Elegant, refined headstone lettering and inscriptions

For quality Memorials, Monuments, and Headstones in Brisbane.

Headstone inscription lettering

Completed by a master monumental masons, our lettering techniques include:

Inlaid inscriptions

Granite headstones and memorials have 3 inlaid inscription options:

  • Natural - inscription sandblasted into the granite
  • Gilded or gold leaf - 23-carat gold leaf used
  • Paint - enamel exterior paint

Marble headstones and memorials are ideal for lead inscriptions

Pros and cons of each style

  • Gold leaf and painted inscriptions last around 10 to 15 years. However, this style can last much longer if on an upright stone in a shaded area or shorter if on a horizontal stone, such as a lawn cemetery grave markers, in the direct sun.
  • Leaded inscriptions can last over 100 years
  • Gilded is priced a bit higher than painted but lasts around the same length of time.
  • Leaded is the most costly option but it lasts significantly longer than the other styles reducing the need for restorations.

Hand-cut lettering

Our stonemasons can do hand cut letters to match existing inscriptions. This technique is used for renovation or when adding extra inscriptions to an existing headstone. A detailed template is created to match the existing inscriptions and the stone is then carefully sandblasted to form the new lettering.


Sandblasting can be used for large memorials with a lot of lettering or characters or artwork on smaller pieces where the lettering and art are left polished and the background is given a rougher texture. This style works well on dark stone.

Memorial inscription

Preparing for sandblasting


We have on-site facilities to complete a broad range of inscription techniques. Select from a range of traditional and contemporary lettering colours including:

  • natural stone sandblasted
  • lead filled marble
  • silver gilding
  • gold gilding
  • white gloss enamel
  • painted with your choice of colour.
Leading In - Lead Letter Inscription

Jones & Travers stone inscriptions

In addition to new artwork, Jones and Travers stonemasons can carry out stone restoration and repairs to existing memorials and inscriptions in Brisbane. Jones and Travers have over 39 years experience in the memorial industry, creating beautiful, unique memorials throughout the city.

Contact our team on 07 3265 5433 or complete our quote request form for more information about creative stone inscriptions.

Trust Jones and Travers monumental masons for all your stone inscription work.


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