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Pet Memorial Stones

Have you considered our custom pet memorials?

Getting to know a pet over a number of years and sharing many experiences with them is one of life’s treasures. Unfortunately, dealing with the loss of a pet is a reality not one of us can avoid. MMS Memorials completely understands that the time following a pet’s departure can be very difficult, which is why we’re committed to providing a beautiful, everlasting way to honour your special friend.

Pet memorial stones are an excellent way to remember your pet. Not only are they tasteful, their purpose shares the unwavering love your pet held for you throughout their life. A lasting memorial for your pet can help the whole family through a tough time.

Remember your pet with a custom pet memorial stone

For quality Memorial, Monument and Headstones Brisbane.

Inscription services for personalised pet memorial stones

100% of the pet memorial etching and carving work is performed at the MMS Memorials factory in Brisbane. Our stonemasons are fully qualified and skilled at the art of inscription. We offer three different inscription techniques:

  • Natural - where the inscription is sandblasted into the granite
  • Gilded - using 23-carat gold leaf
  • Painted - using long-lasting enamel exterior paint

Whether you’re after a modernised or tradition lettering style to honour your special friend, we’re completely adaptable. At MMS Memorials, we will adhere to whatever needs you have; empathising with your difficult situation, you can rest assured our finished product will exceed your expectations.

Memorial stone gallery

large_001-pet-memorial large_005-pet-memorial-recessed large_002-pet-memorial
large_004-pet-memorial-polished-face large_007-pet-memorial-stones large_003-pet-memorial-stone-elephant
large_006-pet-memorial-timber large_008-pet-memorial large_009-pet-memorial

Custom engraved pet memorial stones

Customised engraved plaques are an alternative to pet memorial stone inscription, and MMS offer bronze attachments which adhere to whatever requirements you have.

The master MMS craftsmen use a range of lettering styles and fonts to ensure optimal aesthetic appeal to your pet’s stone. Our bronze plaques are available in many different shapes and sizes to capture the spirit of your friend, along with the location they’re resting in.

Pet memorial stone with picture

At MMS, we recognise the love you will always hold for your pet, many pet owners choose to include a photo of their pet as part of their memorial.

The memorial picture styles we offer include:

  • Customised ceramic photos
  • Picture-engraving on the stone
  • Image of your pet sandblasted onto the memorial stone

Our experience creating custom pet memorials, means you'll receive a beautiful memorial stone created specifically to your requirements.

The advanced modern and traditional techniques we utilise provide a long-lasting memorial. MMS stonemasons are meticulous in practice, curating memorial stones which minimise fading, cracking, and wear and tear.

Options include:

  • Laser-etched portraits
  • Ceramic photos

All of the etching and carving work for pet memorials is carried out at our Brisbane factory by our qualified stonemasons. MMS Memorials can include images, different lettering styles, and gilded inscriptions to fully customise your pet memorial.

Your pet may be gone, but may they'll never be forgotten.

Call our experienced memorials team on 07 3265 5433 or fill out our quote request form to find out more.

MMS Pet Memorial Stones are handcrafted from natural stone

~ A beautiful way to remember your beloved family companion ~


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