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Pet Memorial Stones

Have you considered our pet memorials?

Pet memorial stones are a benefit to both adults and especially children as they offer family members the opportunity to pay tribute to a cherished family member. Memorial rocks are a great way to keep the memory of your pet alive. We understand the sadness and distress when you lose a loved pet.

A lasting memorial for your pet can help the whole family through a tough time.

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Memorial stones for pets

At MMS memorials our caring stonemason's hand carve personal inscriptions on memorial rocks for your pet.

Pet memorial stones can help families find peace in their pets passing. For many children, the loss of a family pet is their first experience with death. Through the process of writing the pet memorial and placing a memorial rock, children can learn how to cope with the permanence of death, by saying goodbye to their family pet.

Memorial stone gallery

Pet memorial stone - Bush rock with engraved letters painted blackPet memorial stone - Bush rock with gold leaf inscription
Pet memorial stone - Polished rock face with white painted letters and elephant traceryPet memorial stone - Granite rock with polished face and recessed stainless steel plaque

Pet memorial garden stones

Pet memorial garden stones are particularly helpful for parents helping children come to terms with the loss of their loved companion. Many people choose to bury their beloved pets in their gardens, or build a special garden, or plant a tree as a tribute to their adored pet. Pet memorial garden stones offer a natural stone memorial for connecting your pet to you, the natural environment and their final resting place.

Experienced stonemasons

MMS memorials experienced stone masonry team can customise your garden memorial in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs all to suit your individual requirements.

Garden memorial stones can be used to commemorate a pet and placed in the garden edging, positioned under a favourite tree or in your pet's favourite sleeping place in the garden.

Our caring staff are able to help you create the perfect memorial rock to remember your pet.

Custom memorials

All of the etching and carving work for pet memorials is carried out at our Brisbane factory by our qualified stonemasons. MMS Memorials can include images, different lettering styles and gilded inscriptions to your memorial.

Our selection also includes a range of pet memorials including:

We offer an extensive range of materials selections in a wide range of colours including granite and marble. All of our Pet urns, memorials and pet plaques are designed to keep the spirit of your pet alive.

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MMS Pet Memorial Stones are handcrafted from natural stone

~ A beautiful way to remember your beloved family companion ~