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Memorial Photo Brisbane

Premium quality, long lasting headstone photos

Headstone pictures can offer a lasting memory of a loved one and a place of reflection for family and friends. Keeping the memory of a loved one alive through images and pictures is a custom that has continued throughout the ages and is still as popular today as it was many centuries ago. Our custom ceramic photos, engraved headstone pictures, or sandblasted images are a captivating addition to any memorial or headstone.

Premium Ceramic Memorial Photo Enquiry

Quality etched images

The masonry team at Jones and Travers includes world standard master stonemasons who carry out all our stone work. We use both advanced modern and traditional techniques to produce high-quality laser etched or sandblasted images to produce an accurate image which will withstand the harsh Queensland climate without fading or cracking.

There are two options for memorial photos:

A beautiful memorial photo can strengthen a lifetime of memories.

Tips for preparing your image

  • We ask that you provide the image in either an electronic copy in .jpeg format or a hard copy.
  • Ensure you provide clear instructions on how you would like the image presented (eg. remove the background, fading, etc).
  • You can have a memorial picture of a person, logo, or any symbol you prefer.
  • Please provide a copy, not the original photo. Although every attempt is made to return the photo in original condition, it is a working copy and will be used in a working environment.
  • Please ensure that you are happy with the quality of the image supplied. If you require any image repairs, corrections or enhancements we recommend you have these completed by a photographer prior to submission. We prefer to have a quality photo so we can produce the highest quality etched or sandblasted memorial photo or image. Please feel free to discuss the image quality with our experienced staff if you are uncertain.
Memorial Pictures Brisbane

Headstone with photo

Please note - Photos of copyright or trademarked images will require permission from the owner of the copyright or trademark before they can be used.

Jones & Travers Stonemasons Brisbane

The symbolic importance of memorial pictures grows as birthdays and anniversaries pass. A picture is a great way to commemorate a life and offer a place for reflection. Our team of stonemasons have been producing the highest quality of masonry since we commenced trading in 1980.

While etching or sandblasting techniques are well suited to memorial photos there are many other useful applications. Why not consider using these for

  • house names, 
  • property nameplates, 
  • historical markers, 
  • office entrance signs
  • wall memorials, 
  • gift plaques, 
  • or artwork.

We offer a broad range of stonemason services, contact our team on 07 3265 5433 to discuss your requirements or alternatively complete our quote request form today.


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