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Premium quality natural stone

Monumental and Masonry Supplies have been supplying quality natural stone as well as expert stone masonry services to Brisbane for over 40 years. From the initial consultation right through to fabrication of the stone, we are proud of the experience and knowledge that our qualified stonemasons can to bring to your project. Our team of stone experts can advise you on the best stone for your project.

Looking for top quality stone and expert advice?

Monumental and Masonry Suppliers your professional stonemasons Brisbane.

Which stone is best for your project?

MMS have a large range of stone materials to suit every style and budget. When making selections for your home or business it is imperative that the materials selected are not only stylish and appealing but also functional and practical. Each different stone on offer provides a unique combination of aspects ideal for varying applications.

Natural stone options


Granite is best known for its durability and luxury styling. As a natural material, each piece of granite is an original, presenting a one of a kind artwork for your home, business, or memorial. Care needs to be taken with granite as it can be porous. The use of protective resealing will see your beautiful granite last for many years.

Want to know more? Granite


Marble has been used for centuries in building materials and beautiful art. Investing in marble can provide an air of style and luxury for your home, business, or memorial. Each slab of marble carries individual characteristics, the colour, and design within the stone can be brought to life by expert stonemasons through stone selection, cutting, polishing, and buffing. As with all natural products, marble benefits from regular care and maintenance.

Want to know more? Marble


A beautiful natural stone, sandstone is quite easy to work with so is ideal for use in statues, sculptures, memorials, headstones and other decorative projects. Sandstone colours are warm and inviting reds, browns, greys, and creams.

Want to know more? Sandstone.


Travertine is a beautiful natural stone. Polished to a high shine or left with some of the original texture, travertine will create a stunning feature. The distinctive browns, creams, reds, and golds in travertine combine to produce a natural, earthy feel.

Want to know more? Travertine.

MMS expert advice

MMS are specialists in all aspects of stone and stone masonry. We provide the highest level of service and quality workmanship. Our stonemason’s attention to detail provided to each piece of stone delivers a perfect, flawless finish. Our qualified stone masons are experienced in a range of natural stone and engineered stone.

Our expert stone team are able to work with you from your initial concept through to fabrication, delivery, and installation to ensure you have the best stone for your project.

Monumental and Masonry Suppliers are Brisbane’s leading importer and supplier of high-quality natural stone and stone products. Contact our friendly team about your next stone project on 07 3265 5433, complete our quote request form today, or drop into our Brisbane showroom.


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