What is a Stonemason?

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A stonemason isn’t someone who spends hours slaving away with a hammer and chisel like most people think. These days large modern machinery and power tools are used while intricate detailing and carvings are completed with smaller hand tools to create a variety of objects.

There are actually three different types of stonemasons, a fixer mason, a memorial mason and a banker mason.

  • A Banker Mason: Are usually based in a workshop, using a mixture of tools to shape stones or pieces of rock into accurate and beautiful designs.
  • A Fixer Mason: Usually works outside and does the installing, which involves putting the stones that have been banked in the previous process into their place.
  • A Memorial Mason: Usually carves gravestones, statues and memorials.

Sometimes stonemasons are expected to carry out more than one of these jobs, which can be quite physically demanding and involve all kinds of weather conditions in the versatile outdoor environment.

How can our stonemasons help you?

What materials does a stonemason work with?

A stonemason works will all types of stones to create buildings structures, stone structures, memorials, gravestones and also buildings statues. The stonemasons at Monumental and Masonry Supplies cuts and shapes heavy materials into such things as building construction to tombstones. The most common types of materials used today are natural stone, marble, granite, sandstone and travertine (a form of limestone).

What kind of tasks does a stonemason complete?

There are a variety of tasks involved in this job role that many people are unaware of, here's a list of just a few tasks: 

  • Polishing and cutting stone such as marble for kitchen bench-tops/bathrooms.
  • Cutting different types of lettering into stone with handheld tools.
  • Laying floor tiles and stone pavings.
  • Repairing the stonework of old buildings or churches.

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The role of a stonemason is one of versatility, as tasks can range from shaping stone walls to creating pet urns. Monumental and Masonry Supplies also develop custom signage for all occasions. Surprisingly, this line of work caters to many miscellaneous services such as inscriptions, stone restoration, bronze plaques and more.

If you have a task in mind that is not listed in our services, don't hesitate in contacting us to see if we can help you with your request. You can contact us with any questions or quotes you may have on 07 3265 5433 or alternatively complete our online booking form.

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