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Bronze Memorial Plaques Brisbane

Premium quality remembrance plaques

Bronze memorial plaques are a great way to have a long-lasting memory of a friend, family member or companion. It has been noted by experts, that by having a commemorative plaque for reflection and remembrance can assist the grieving process.

A remembrance plaque is a beautiful way to preserve the memory of a family member, friend or pet and provides a lasting memorial for future generations to visit.

Perfect for graves, headstones, monuments and gardens

MMS Memorials for high-quality memorials, monuments and headstones throughout Brisbane.

Custom designed bronze plaques

Our bronze plaques are not restricted to bronze memorial plaques for graves but are commonly designed for memorial gardens, pet memorials, house name plaques, and bronze custom plaques.

The plaques can be attached to the tombstone or headstone instead of an inlaid stone inscription. The size and shape of memorial plaques can vary depending on your individual monument, headstone, or commemorative plaque requirements.

Our master craftsmen use a wide range of lettering fonts and styles to ensure that your commemorative plaque captures the spirit of the person or location. The range of designs for bronze memorial plaques can be seen in many cemeteries throughout Brisbane and we can incorporate a range of design features as requested.

Bronze engraved plaques

Our range of bronze memorial plaques is all produced in Brisbane, by our team of expert stone craftsmen, many of whom have been in the trade since we began in 1980. Our range of headstones and monuments can be any type of stone from granite to marble and styled to any design from gable curves to square edge features.

The headstone and monument design options will be customised to suit your budget and design requirements.

Bronze Plaque
Bronze plaque on a pet memorial

Create a plaque to remember a loved one

Not sure where to start? The understanding team at MMS Memorials will help you with the plaque design, paperwork, and installation. Contact our stonemasonry team on 07 3265 5433 or complete our quote request today.

MMS Memorials stonemasons pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and the delivery of fine headstones and memorials.

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Let MMS memorials provide that finishing touch to the final resting place of your loved one.