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Stonemason factory tour

Stonemason factory tour

We recently had a visit from the paparazzi. It makes sense really, we can't believe we haven't been spotted before. Where else would you go to see the best rock stars in the city (pun intended.) We've got a workshop full of them!

The team didn't let fame go to their heads though and got back to work, as true professionals do. Take a look at the action below. Well, OK, maybe the action happens a bit differently than on your average rock stage. We like to carry out our work calmly and very carefully with serious attention to detail, but that's just how we roll.

MMS Memorials stone masonry factory Brisbane

Find out more about our factory workshop and stonemason team.

MMS Memorials Stone Factory
Stone stacks
Stone on stock
Memorials stones
Inside the stonemason workshop
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