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How damaged is too damaged? Headstone repairs

How damaged is too damaged? Headstone repairs

One of the most beautiful things about working with a natural product like stone is the unique way each piece ages. A marble benchtop in a busy kitchen will develop marks from many meals lovingly prepared for a family or a stone vanity can, with regular use, begin to show more delicate veining details. The ageing effect is never more pronounced than with stone which is constantly exposed to the elements like headstones and gravestones.

Memorials such as headstones, monuments and mausoleums gain character from enduring the rain, wind and sun day and night for years and years. Colouring can change, veining becomes more pronounced and the individual personality of the stone emerges. Sadly, over many years, the effects of weathering can also have a disadvantageous result on the memorial as well. Headstones and gravestones can feel the ramifications of the elements through water damage, both from above and below, ground movement and sun-faded inscriptions.

Headstone foundations can shift due to natural ground movement making the stone vulnerable to cracking or tipping. Water damage within the foundation often causes old stone memorials to become unstable or in some situations, rising dampness can lead to the stone crumbling from the inside. Taller headstones are particularly susceptible to this type of damage.

Gravestone and headstone repairs

The good news is most of these issues can be rectified by an experienced monumental mason. Headstone repairs and restorations are possible for even the most damaged memorials. Stone repairs, such as the following, will ensure the memorial will last for many years to come.

Headstone restorations

  • Re-levelling headstones and gravestones with new foundations will prevent further disturbance due to instability.
  • Re-gilding or re-cutting to restore older faded or damaged inscriptions
  • Replacing damaged stone with a similar piece where unrepairable
  • Headstone cleaning removes dirt, bird droppings and organic growth
  • Infilling stone where breaks or cracks have occurred

The stone doesn't have to be in a state of extreme disrepair, monumental masons can make smaller adjustments such as fixing chips and cracks or underpinning headstones that have just begun to tip.

In the recent headstone repair project featured below, we restored the gravestone and added another plaque in keeping with the existing style. New inscriptions can also be included in the original repaired headstone if required.

Damaged gravestone
Damaged gravestone


Restored gravestone project
Restored headstone and gravestone


Repaired gravestone
Gravestone restoration project complete

For more information on headstone repairs speak to our Brisbane monumental masons by calling 07 3265 5433 or complete our enquiry form today.

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