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The advantages of using an experienced stonemason

The advantages of using an experienced stonemason

Like most things in life, when purchasing stone you usually get what you paid for. Let's take as an example of granite headstones. There are many different places you can get this product and all suppliers have differing levels of quality and look.

Experienced stonemason create premium quality memorials

At the bottom end, you can get granite headstones or memorials that are already cut and machined to a standard size. The quality of the granite may be high, but the overall look and versatility may suffer.

What about granite memorials handcrafted by a stonemason?

These memorials will often cost a bit more than the standard pre-cut ones, but we believe it is well worth it. When using a qualified and experienced stonemason to manufacture a headstone or gravestone, the key advantages will be:

  • The memorial can be fully customised to your requirements.
  • It will be crafted by a skilled professional ensuring the memorial will stand the test of time
  • Include options such as ceramic photos, a variety of inscription styles, plaques, etc

So if you are going to go to the effort of creating a beautiful place of rememberance for your loved one, why not invest that bit extra to get something that really makes it stand out.

MMS Memorials employ highly qualified stonemasons to ensure that our headstones and stone memorials are second to none. So if you want a memorial that you will honour your family member, why not contact us to discuss your options .

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