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Using greyscale imaging to create beautiful bronze plaques

Using greyscale imaging to create beautiful bronze plaques

Using an image in the design of a bronze plaque can add the ultimate personal touch to your loved one's memorial. Thanks to advances in the use of grayscale imaging we can create detailed pictures of just about anything on bronze to create beautiful memorial plaques.

Bronze memorial plaque

During the design consultation process, the client provides photos or images and a proof is created including the text chosen. The completed plaque features a raised, sculpted bas-relief image with shade variations very similar to the original photos or images.

To produce a premium result a high standard image with good contrast is ideal.

Bronze plaque

An example of this process is seen in the bronze plaque featured below. Our clients have kindly permitted us to use the image of this plaque to showcase this process.

Grey scale bronze memorial plaque
Bronze plaque featuring grayscale imaging - 380 mm x 280 mm

If you would like to use this great imaging technique in your bronze memorial plaque give our team a call on 3265 5433 or complete our quote request form today.