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Pet memorial ideas

Pet memorial ideas

Losing a pet can be a very difficult time for those involved. The sense of loss can be overwhelming, often having somewhere to remember your pet can help family and friends during the grieving process.

Pet memorials come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Enabling each person or family to choose the best way to remember their beloved pet.

A memorial service

A memorial service can be a gathering of family and friends to remember the enjoyable times had with your loved pet. Being able to openly express your feelings in a supportive environment can help with feelings of loss.

Pet memoral rose
Pet memorial plant or tree

Plant a tree - A living memorial

Celebrate your pet's life through the planting and nurture of a tree, flower or bush. A memorial plant can create a continuing legacy of your loved pet to enjoy for years to come. Some families choose to use the cremated ashes of their pet to nourish their living memorial. Fruit trees, roses and flowering bushes are popular choices for living pet memorials.

Pet photo album or scrapbook

The process of gathering images of the amazing experiences you had with your pet during his or her life can be a lovely experience. The resulting pet photo album or scrapbook can be a beautiful reminder of your animal companion.

Pet memorial stone

A pet memorial stone can be engraved with a dedication to your pet and placed in the garden or home. You could also include an image of your pet or something which your pet loved. This style of memorial can be beneficial for children dealing with the loss of a pet, especially if you get them involved in the design process and discussion about where to place the memorial stone.

Pet memorials stone
Pet memorial stone

Pet urns

Decorative stone pet urns are a great way to store your pet's ashes and create a memorial in your home or garden. Engrave the urn with a picture of your beloved animal, a dedication, poem or an image of your choice.

However you choose to remember your cherished pet, a pet memorial is a wonderful lasting expression of all your special times together.