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Types of cemeteries

The different memorial cemeteries

When you must bury a loved one, there are a range of cemetery types to choose from. The main types of cemeteries include, council cemeteries, churchyards, private cemeteries, lawn cemeteries, veteran cemeteries, memorial parks and pet cemeteries. Each cemetery type has its own unique features to serve a different purpose, so understanding the difference between each one is important.

Council cemeteries

These are owned by the government and operated by the city council. Council cemeteries are one of the most common types of cemeteries as they are available to everyone. This type of cemetery is non profitable and funded completely by the government.


Churchyards are run by the local church or religious group, generally for members of their religious community. They are often located very close to the church running the churchyard. These graveyards have more rules regarding the headstone design and often only feature simple headstones in tablet or block form.

Private cemeteries

Like a churchyard, private cemeteries can have more restrictions than council cemeteries. These graveyards are often more expensive as the business may be trying to attain some profit. They are often maintained well and have a better selection of resources.

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Lawn cemeteries

In lawn cemeteries, the memorial plaques are positioned above the lawn on a concrete slab. This prevents any damage from happening to any of the headstones from mowing and makes the entire maintenance process easier for workers.

Memorial park cemeteries

Memorial park cemeteries are also referred to as garden or monument cemeteries. Unlike churchyards or council cemeteries, memorial parks usually have just a large monument accompanied by high quality gardens. Rather than using traditional headstones, memorial parks also have reserved areas for flat headstones, which are level with the ground.

Veteran cemeteries

Veteran cemeteries are maintained and owned by the government. War memorial cemeteries are strictly for current service men and women, veterans and their family members.

Pet cemeteries

These are the resting places for deceased pets. Pet memorial cemeteries are a newer cemetery type, but are becoming more and more popular everyday.

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