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What is Chevra Kadisha?

The Chevra Kadisha is the Jewish burial society who takes care of the deceased ensuring all traditions such as cleansing and dressing of the body are carried out as well as arranging for a Jewish person to stay with the body until the burial.

Members of the Chevra Kadisha are contactable any time of the day or night to provide advice and services for the family and the deceased person.

The Jewish faith believes that when a person dies the neshama, or soul, hovers around the body until the burial. This means that it is essential to show honour to the deceased throughout this time.

The Chevra Kadisha provides a range of services including:

  • Shomrim - or watchman. A Jewish person/s to watch the body all day and night until the burial.
  • Tahara - or traditional purification of the body and dressing of the deceased in tachrikhim (burial shrouds).
  • Levaya - Jewish funeral service
  • K’vurah - Burial in a Jewish Consecrated burial plot to Jewish Laws and Customs
  • Shivah - assistance during the 7 day period of morning beginning after the funeral.
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After the 30 days of morning the tombstone or headstone can be created and positioned at the grave.

More information on the roles and responsibilities of the Chevra Kadisha in your area can be found here:

References - National Association of Chevra Kadisha - https://www.nasck.org/what-is-a-jewish-burial/