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Which way should a headstone face?

How to correctly position a headstone

There is a wide range of religious and traditional influences that affect the way a headstone is positioned, some of which are still seen today. Although some have remained, no original methods are still followed. This is a guide to understanding which way a headstone should face.

Traditional headstone procedures

You might have heard that you should face a headstone to the east. This influence came from early religions that worshipped the sun. Many Egyptian temples were built so that the dead faced east. Christians believed that if the deceased were buried to face east, they could rise again on the day of resurrection.

Many Fijians and Islander cultures saw the west as the land of the dead. Although they had different reasons, most early cultures and religions endorsed an eastward-facing gravestone which is why it is still done today.

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Modern headstone orientation

Despite that some early procedures remained, there is a more diverse range of personal beliefs in society today. Not everyone has to follow a religious-based method. Couples are requesting to be positioned next to each other facing the direction they faced on the day they were married. Some people would prefer to face in the direction of a significant place like the ocean or a mountain.

Council and private cemeteries do follow design procedures with a focus on higher functionality rather than traditional placement, however, there are no rules regarding the direction that a headstone faces.

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