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What are the different types of memorial inscriptions?

Memorial Stone Engraving Methods

Headstones generally have 3 distinct types of engraving options which incorporate:

Natural Engraved: Where the inscription is sandblasted.

Gilded Engraved: Gold Leaf (23 Carat Gold Leaf)

Painted: (Enamel Exterior Paint)

General Stone engraving

Stone engraving is painstakingly exact, often very tiny, inscription lettering and art are applied to the stone to fashion elegant pieces to last for many years to come. Stonemasons have many different skills and may implement different inscription methods depending on the material used.

Granite Engraved

Granite is a natural stone that is extremely hard, only slightly softer than diamonds. This means that granite is an ideal product to use for headstones or memorials. The options available for engraving into granite include natural, gilded and painted methods and engraving can be deeply etched when compared to other types of stone. Sandblasting or laser engraving methods are both often utilised.

Marble Engraved

When it comes to engraving on Marble, Lead Inscription is by far the most popular choice due to the nature of marble itself. Marble is well suited to both domestic, commercial and memorial use. This beautiful stone has long evoked a sense of elegance and prestige due to its exclusive and luxurious look and feel.

Hand Engraved

Stonemasons like ourselves hand etch letters to match existing inscriptions. This technique is used for renovation or when adding extra inscriptions to an existing headstone. A detailed template is created to match the existing inscriptions and the stone is then carefully sandblasted to form the new lettering.

Sandblasted Engraved

Sandblasting can be used for large memorials with a lot of lettering or characters or artwork on smaller pieces where the lettering and art are left polished and the background is given a rougher texture. This style works well on dark stone.

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Leaded Inscriptions

Stone Engraved

A leaded inscription is a traditional way of creating long-lasting inscriptions on headstones - particularly on white or light-coloured stone. It not only helps the lettering stand out but also helps with overall weathering.

Painted Inscriptions

The age-old, creative, and innovative inscription techniques provide a traditional or contemporary finish for memorials, stonework, corporate logos, signage and many more stone inscription requirements. Monumental and Masonry Supplies provide a full selection of memorial inscriptions ranging from leaded, gilded, gold leaf and painted inscriptions.

Glass Etching

Glass Engraved

Glass etching is a beautiful method of creating art on glass. Glass etching can be used for glass doors, shower screens, windows, mirrors, glass kitchen splashbacks and more.


At MMS Stone, we have on-site facilities to complete a broad range of inscription techniques. Select from a range of traditional and contemporary lettering colours including:

  • natural stone sandblasted
  • lead filled marble
  • silver gilding
  • gold gilding
  • white gloss enamel
  • painted with your choice of colour.