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What is the memorial ordering process?

To help you navigate through this difficult time, we at MMS Memorials have simplified and clarified each step in our ordering process. Working your way through the points below will help ensure you consider all the options to create the perfect memorial to honour your loved one.

If you would like some expert advice, call our friendly and compassionate team on 07 3265 5433.

Memorial Ordering Process

Which cemetery?

When considering which cemetery in which you would like to lay a loved one to rest, contemplate the areas they enjoyed spending time in, or an area that elicits happy memories. 

We service most of the council and private cemeteries spanning South East QLD including:

Sunshine Coast Cemeteries:

  • Kulangoor Cemetery
  • Caloundra Cemetery

Brisbane Cemeteries:

  • Nudgee Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Lutwyche Cemetery
  • Toowong Cemetery
  • Brookfield Cemetery
  • Bald Hills Cemetery
  • Balmoral Cemetery
  • Hemmant Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Mount Gravatt Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Pinnaroo Cemetery and Crematorium

Moreton Bay Cemeteries:

  • Redcliffe Cemetery
  • Caboolture and Districts Lawn Cemetery

Ipswich Cemeteries:

  • Ipswich General Cemetery

Gold Coast Cemeteries:

  • Southport General Cemetery
  • Southport Lawn Cemetery
  • Tamborine Mountain Cemetery

Which section?

Cemeteries are usually organised by sections, row and grave number. For example, if you would like your loved one to be laid to rest in Alberton Cemetery on the Gold Coast, you may choose section M02, row 5, plot number 7. Consider whether you would prefer for the plot to be facing in a particular direction, or away from a main road and visit the location to ensure it is suitable.

Cemeteries have a layout map of their plots available online.

Is this a new memorial or an addition to an existing memorial?

We can add to, or duplicate, existing headstones to carefully match the stone, technique and lettering of the original stone memorial and inscription.

Do you prefer a headstone or monument?

A headstone is a monument at the head of the grave and is often atop a hadstone base. A headstone marks the grave where the deceased is interred. 

A monument also has a headstone and a base, but with the addition of a stone kerb, which is a line of stone outlining the whole grave and with the centre covered with either a stone slab or filled with stones, wood chippings or soil, to your liking. 

Our experienced team is here to provide helpful insight into the size, style and regulations for monuments in different cemeteries. Whether you're looking for a modern or traditional marker, we can offer guidance on which memorials are permitted to ensure you find the perfect memorial for your loved one. 

A few points to consider when choosing whether to have a headstone or monument are:

  • Regulations outlined by your chosen cemetery for the section, or plot, for the deceased
  • Religious or cultural practices that may affect how the deceased is laid to rest
  • Your budget - monuments are substantionally more expensive due to their size
MMS Memorial's stone monument with kerbing & stones filling

Headstone materials

Headstone can be made in a variety of materials with the most popular being:

  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Sandstone
  • Marble

Generally, there is no restriction on the colour of stone used.

Would you like any etchings on the headstone?

Granite engraving is a process carried out by professional stonemasons who use a laser to etch high-quality images and texts into granite. The designs are engraved into the outer layer of the rock, which gives them high durability and image resolution. Find out more about granite etching on this information page: What you need to know about granite engraving

Will you like the plot to allow for additional interments in the future ?

Prior to purchasing a plot, consider whether this is a singular interment or would you like to consider a plot for multiple interments? You could have 2 plots side by side for partners to always be together. It is imperative to stipulate, prior to the burial, the number of interments  the plot will be for as this will determine the depth required.

Choose your headstone shape and size

Before choosing a headstone, we recommend speaking to the cemetery you wish to lay your loved one to rest as they can advise on any rules, regulations and limitations that may be imposed. This may affect the type of headstone that can be placed there. 

Headstones come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as:

  • Upright headstones
  • Flat headstones
  • Kerbed headstones
  • Angel headstones
  • Veteran headstones

Read more information on headstone choices here.

Choose a headstone base

To ensure that the headstones are sturdy and will stand the test of time, a base stone is usually placed for the headstone to stand on. The shape of the base should be the same as the headstone, ensuring that the contours and mouldings are well matched. Bases are not required for lawn markers or plaques.

Would you like to add any accessories?

We offer a wide range of accessories that are often added to a memorial including:

  • Photos
  • Vases
  • Ceramic photos
  • Bronze plaques
  • Glass plaques
Plaque base design

What would you like the inscription to be?

The inscription, or epitaph, on a headstone can be extremely hard packing a lifetime of memories in a few lines. We have written an information page to help guide you through the process of deciding upon an inscription for your loved one’s memorial: What is an Epitaph

When it comes to fonts and text styles, these can be endless. We advise always seeing an example of the script font in person before ordering a memorial. We can also etch inscriptions in foreign languages.

Type of engraving?

Stone engraving is painstakingly exact as the lettering is often miniscule inscription lettering and it needs to be legible for many years to come.

Headstones generally have 3 types of engraving incorporating:

  • Natural engraved - the inscription is sandblasted
  • Gilded engraved - 23 carat gold leaf 
  • Painted enamel

Jones and Travers work with your design to get the best inscription lettering style such as:

  • V-cut
  • Gilded
  • Embossed
  • Raised lettering

Who is the Burial Rights Holder?

Burial rights are rights to a burial site that has been purchased by a particular person from the council. When the burial terms and conditions are signed, that person is then the lawful holder of the burial right. These rights entitle one to be buried in that site and companies such as ourselves at MMS Memorials only take instructions from the burial rights holder. The rights holder is responsible for the cost of acquisition, installation, repairs and maintenance to the memorial or monument situated on the site.

When a burial rights holder passes away, the authority of burials on the site is given back to the council. The council then determines whether family members, spouses, children or friends can be buried in the site as long as there’s no reason the interred would object. 

At no time can burial rights be sold nor transmissible by death. The council may allow the transfer of a burial right from one person to another, at their discretion.

Your local memorial experts

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