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Types of Cemetery Headstones and Monuments

Headstones are a great way to have an everlasting memory of a family member. There is a wide range of headstone designs you can choose from to remember someone. Everyone has a unique requirement so the shape, size, colour, finish and material the headstone is made of will vary.

Headstone Shapes

Headstones come in a range of different shapes and sizes so every individual can be remembered the right way. Some headstone designs include,

  • Upright headstones
  • Flat headstones
  • Kerbed headstones
  • Angel headstones
  • Veteran headstones

Headstone Contours and Mouldings

The general shape of the head and base of a headstone is summarised by the contours and mouldings. The design of the contours and mouldings can be customised by a stonemason however, some of the common designs are,

  • Flat top
  • Oval top
  • Ridge top
  • Apex top
  • Peon top
  • Norman
  • Gothic
  • Checked top
  • Half round
  • Slant top
  • Ogee top
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Headstone Materials & Colours

There are many materials and colours to choose from when selecting a headstone. Headstones are generally coloured black, grey, white and red but they can be designed to be any colour. The common materials used to make headstones are,

  • Granite
  • White Marble
  • Bronze
  • Limestone (Portland, Nabresina)

Most churches only allow granite to be used for memorial monuments due to its traditional style. Portland and Nabresina are usually permitted also.

Headstone Finishes

The finish majorly affects the durability and appearance of the headstone. Some finishes include,

  • Polished
  • Part-polished
  • Pitched
  • Honed
  • Steeled (frosted)
  • Axed
  • Sawed

Churches limit the polish options if you wish to bury your family member or friend there.

Headstone Design Customisation

When designing a headstone for your loved one, there are many other features you can change to meet your needs. The font and caption on the headstone can be styled to how you would like it to be. You can include an image of your loved one or a symbol on their headstone. Stonemasons can etch designs either using traditional methods or with laser cutting technology.

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