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What does a funeral director do?

Funeral directors - who are they?

Funeral directors or morticians are responsible for the organisation and conduction of a funeral. They manage funeral homes and work hard to meet all the requirements of the family of the deceased, which is completely unique for every client. For every job funeral directors have to take into account the religion and beliefs of the family so they can adjust the process accordingly.

The roles of morticians

Funeral directors are always set with a huge list of tasks for every job they do. Morticians are involved with the process from the minute you first talk with them over the phone, all the way through to when the coffin is finally lowered. Roles that funeral directors may do for clients include,

  • assist you with deciding on the funeral style (e.g. cost, coffin, flowers)
  • contact a celebrant if required
  • provide funeral arrangement advice
  • arrange the removal of bodies from hospitals
  • preserve and prepare bodies for burials or cremations (embalming)
  • arrange the cremation or burial ceremony
  • register the death
  • attain a verified medical certificate or Coroner's Certificate and a Death Certificate
  • assist with legal details
  • conduct the funeral and supervise funeral workers
  • arrange the catering for the post-service reception
  • organise the post-service reception
  • organise death notices in the media
  • arrange cremains disposal or monument construction
  • set up burial equipment and assist with the process
  • take care of cremation documentation

Why should you hire a funeral director?

Organising a funeral can be a daunting task because there is so much pressure to get the whole process right in such little time. Funeral directors have loads of experience with helping families remember their loved ones the right way. Morticians will organise the entire funeral for you, which lets you focus on recovering from the grief of your family’s loss. Funeral directors work with you to ensure that the burial or cremation ceremony meets your expectations.

Once they have assisted you with planning the funeral, you will need a headstone or cremation urn for your loved one. This job is carried out by a stonemason, not a funeral director. The stonemason can assist you with the design process, before they finally build your desired monument or urn.

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